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PP FR- Masterbatch


PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Characteristics: This product is new type of environmental carrier free FR mastermatch with high FR efficiency .Using the low-temperature plasticized process,it keeps the original FR characteristics and has low-additives.high whiteness and does not affect the product color.It can simplify the production process,reduce the dust and the abrasion to equipment and improve the production efficiency.







White granule

FR content



   Volatile Matter



Decomposition Temperature


Recommended Dosage


Homo PP4-6

Copo PP7-9


It is used in PEPPespecially applicable to PP.

Storage and Transportation:25kg/ bag ,paper-plastic compound outer and PE inner bag or by customer’s requirement.Handle with care,cold storage, In ventilateds and dry condition


a)      Dry it before using after long-term storage.

b)      The customer must understand the properties and technology before using and choose the best conditions to produce.

c)      All the above info are the laboratory typical value for you reference. The last application depend on the customer’s requirements.

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