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CAS NO.: 2038-44-0

English NameDichloroglyoxime

Chinese Name:二氯乙二肟

Molecular FormulaC2H2Cl2N2O2

Molecular Weight156.96

Package 250KG galvanized iron drum

    Dichloroglyoxime is a newly developed high efficient industrial fungicide. In a concentration range between 1.5 to 3μg/L, it can interfere with or interrupt the flow of the cytoplasm, and ultimately lead to the disintegration of plasmalemma, and have an effect on sterilization. Its sterilization force is ten times as much as the commonly used bromine fungicides.

 Dichloroglyoxime is mainly used to control the plasma generation in the treatment of papermaking white water. Besides, it can also used as preservatives for industrial detergents, cooling water, lubricating oil, metalworking fluids, textile oiling agent, coating, latex, adhesives, wood, leather, and etc.

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Add:Binhai development ,Weifang city, Shandong ,China.